Wild West USA 2024 – Southwest


Wild West USA 2024 – Southwest

I invite you to explore together the most beautiful and wildest places in the southwestern United States of America. I have been exploring these areas photographically for twenty years and I still can’t get enough of it. If you want to experience a unique adventure, wander through wild deserts, squeeze through narrow crevices and get to know the lost Anasazi civilization, in the first half of July we will go on a two-week trip during which we will visit my favorite US city – San Francisco – with the Golden Gate and the Muira forest, and then we will go east, through Yosemite to the ghost town of Bodie, to the extraordinary Mono Lake, we will cross Death Valley on our way to the biggest kitsch – Las Vegas, from where we will follow the famous Route 66 to the Grand Canyon. After looking into geological history, we will take a closer look at the history of the relevant inhabitants of the USA: the Hopi, Navajo and ancient Anasazi Indians. Along the way, we will not miss Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon to end the journey in the geological heart of Utah – Kanab, from where we will go to Bryce and Zion national parks, while trying our luck in the Wave lottery.

The expedition can be combined with “Wild West USA 2024 – Photography Expedition (Northern States)” (then it will last 4 weeks)

June 29-July 18


  • for 2 people – USD 3,045/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 3 people – USD 2,545/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 4-7 people – USD 2,395/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 8 people – USD 2,295/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 9 people – USD 2,195/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 10 people – USD 2,145/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 11 people – USD 2,095/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)
  • for 12 people – USD 1,995/person + USD 1,750/person (estimated cost of air tickets)

Group and accommodation:

  • From 2 to 12 participants, accommodation in motels and hotels, in 2-, 3- and 4-person rooms or apartments.
  • The program below lists the accommodations we have booked – but depending on the size of the group and the availability of better accommodation. The final list will be established approximately 30 days before the planned departure.

The costs of the expedition cover the costs of all accommodations along the route in verified hotels, motels and apartments in 2-, 3- and 4-person rooms, entry costs to National and State Parks, as well as the attractions listed below during the joint expedition. Also the cost of renting and insuring a car adapted to the size of the group and fuel.

The cost does not include food, souvenirs and tips, as well as the costs of obtaining an ESTA entry permit, which currently costs USD 21 and authorizes multiple trips for a period of two years or a US visa promise (in rare cases when it is required), or insurance. tourist. People traveling to the USA without a visa must have a passport with a computer-readable chip.

date – June 29 – July 15

1 day

Departure from Warsaw, arrival in New York in the evening. Overnight at Off Soho Suites Hotel.

Day 2

City tour, Broadway, Times Square, Memorial Park. Overnight at Off Soho Suites Hotel.

3rd day

In the morning, we fly to San Francisco – we pick up the car and set out to explore San Francisco: SoMa, China Town, the waterfront, the Japanese district, Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks. Overnight stay at San Francisco Hayes Valley Inn.

Day 4

We are going to Yosemite… but in a roundabout way, because first we will cross theGolden Gate Bridge, and then we will stop inMuir Woods. Both of these places are part ofGolden Gate National Parks. The United Nations was founded in Muir Woods among a grove of redwoods. Later we will head towards the right destination – theYosemite valley, where, depending on the weather, we will enterGlacier Point or – and maybe also theMariposa Grove< /strong>, where the most massive tree in the world grows. Overnight stay at the Quality Inn Yosemite Valley Gateway in Mariposa.

Day 5

In the morning we will explore theYosemitevalley, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. We will stop at Bridal Veil waterfalls and the highest waterfall on the continent Yosemite Falls, we will go for a walk along the trail of mists to Navajo Falls. Then we will go up and to the east throughTioga Passto the other side of the Sierra Nevada. Overnight in Mammoth Lakes at the Venture Grand Inn.

6th day

In the morning we will go to the best-preserved abandoned gold mining town Bodie Ghost Town, where time stopped in the mid-19th century, when the mines ran out of ore resources and the inhabitants left it, leaving behind their homes and school. and shops with all equipment. Then, until sunset, we will admire the extraordinary Mono Lake. We return to Mammoth Lakes for the night and stay at the Venture Grand Inn.

7th day

That day we will go to Las Vegas, where we will reach Death Valley. In Death Valley National Park we will find ourselves in the deepest depression in the Western Hemisphere, we will admire salt lakes, amazing views fromDante’s Point, and the colors of the rocks inArtist’s Palette or the salt formations of the devil’s golf course. In the evening we arrive in Las Vegas for the night, where we have booked two houses to rest after the heat of Death Valley.

8th day

If possible, we will go to the hobgoblins’ playground that day – to Little Finland or to Valley of Fire State ParkValley of Fire State Park . After returning, you will have time to explore Las Vegas in the evening. Overnight again in an apartment in Las Vegas.

day 9

ThroughHoover Damwe will reach the longest and best-preserved part of the famousRoute 66 road, and we will admire the sunset from the southern rim of theGrand Canyon. Overnight at Squire Resort at Grand Canyon in Tusyan.

day 10

In the morning we will return to the Grand Canyon, and then we will go to the Hopi Indian reservation, where, among others, we will visitOraibi, the oldest settlement in the USA. From here we will go to the Petrified Forest National Park. Overnight in Gallup at Knights Inn & Suites Gallup ***.

day 11

We are heading to the ancient heart of the Anasazi culture, a place that 12 Pueblo Indian clans consider to be where they came from – Chaco Culture National Monument. Here we will visit extraordinary cities and sacred places left by the Ancients. Transfer to Chinle (maybe we will be able to catch the sunset on the edge of the de Chelly canyon with a view of Spider Rock – the center of the Navajo Indian world). Overnight in Chinle in the atmospheric Thunderbird Lodge **** run by the Navajo Indians.

12th day

In the morning, for those interested (not included in the price), a jeep trip deep into theDe Chelly Canyon, a place that is the heart of theNavajo Nation,in whose walls you can admire the abandoned ruins of Indian settlements and petroglyphs . Alternatively, we will go to the viewpoints on the edge of the canyon, or trekking to White House Ruins. In the afternoon we reachMonument Valley, where we will go among the famous rock monuments. If we want, we can stay there until sunset. We arrive in Page at the Knights Inn hotel late in the evening.

13th day

VisitingUpper Antelope Canyon. Then we set off to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, stopping along the way at the extraordinary Colorado – Horseshoe Bend bend. In the afternoon we will reach the northern edge ofGrand Canyon National Park, where we can go for a walk to theAngel Point lookout point, and if time permits and the weather is favorable – go west sun on theValhallaplateau. Overnight in Kanab at Days Inn & Suites.

13th day

We will try to draw entry to the famousThe Wave. Trip toZion National Park. Important places – trekking theNarrows, photographingCheckerboard Mesa, view of the Zion Valley. Overnight in Kanab at Days Inn & Suites.
14th day

If we draw entry to The Wave the previous day – we will dedicate that day to this extraordinary place, which is one of a kind. If we don’t draw, we will have to take the drawing again in the morning and then visitBryce Canyon National Park. We will go down to the trail leading between the spiers – hoodoos, and visit viewpoints. Overnight at Days Inn & Suites.

15th day

Transfer to Las Vegas, from where we fly to Poland. People who decide to take on the challenge of a 4-week “grand tour” stay in Kanab and relax at the Days Inn & Suites.

The expedition is organized as an original project of eclipses.eu acting as a Tourist Agent for the Tour Operator Projekt Wyprawa sp. z o. o. entered into the register of tour operators and entrepreneurs facilitating the purchase of linked tourist services kept by the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship under the number 989/49/2023 and has an Insurance Guarantee for the amount of PLN 421,056 issued by Wiener TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group. More details on the organizer’s website.

Tomasz Czarnecki
Urodzony w roku lądowania na Księżycu... ale na razie nie udało mi się tam polecieć. Fotografuję od podstawówki, pierwszy aparat to smiena, jednak tak ciągnęło mnie do prawdziwych aparatów z wymienną optyką, że ukręciłem jej obiektów. W liceum na rok emigrowałem do Kanady, gdzie z jednej strony po raz pierwszy zetknąłem się z komputerami (i usiłowałem napisać pierwszy swój symulator lotu rakiety) a z drugiej dorobiłem się pierwszego Nikona (FG20 czy jakoś tak). W liceum byłem znany jako ten aparat z aparatem. Studia architektury zacząłem na Politechnice Śląskiej by zaraz potem kontynuować je skutecznie, do tytułu BArch na Uniwersytecie Stanowym Louisiana, gdzie miałem również okazję studiować minor z fotografii (w tym czasie przesiadałem się przez kilka Nikonów, aż do F3). Po pięciu latach w USA (i objechaniu tego kraju cztery razy dookoła, i raz Meksyk) trafiony "patryjotycznością" wróciłem do Polski, dokończyłem studia architektury do tytułu magistra... i na tym skończył się niestety mój romans z architekturą - cale, stopy, funty i normy amerykańskie jakoś niewiele mi się przydały, natomiast był to okres, kiedy doceniono moje umiejętności graficzne - kolejne pięć lat byłem redaktorem naczelnym "Magazynu 3D". Współpraca skończyła się... wkrótce potem padło czasopismo, ale to zupełnie inna historia i raczej nie na trzeźwo. Wróciłem do fotografii tworząc portal dfoto.pl i astronomii - teleskopy.net - i podróżowania. Egipt, Włochy, Francja, Wielka Brytania, Bułgaria, Chorwacja, Sycylia, Chiny - samochodem z namiotem byle zobaczyć więcej, i zajrzeć tam, gdzie mało kto zajrzał przede mną. Razem z Arsoba Travel zorganizowałem dwie udane wyprawy na zaćmienia Słońca. Po czym ruszyłem dalej w świat - Australia i Nowa Zelandia, i wielki powrót do USA, na zachód których od lat jeżdżę robić zdjęcia - i zapraszam do dołączenia do mnie.

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