Commonwealth of Australia is a country consisting of the mainland of the continent of Australia together with island of Tasmania and numerous other smaller islands – sixth largest country in the world. It has been originally inhabited about 40 – 50 000 years ago by indigenous Australians. The continent has been discovered in 1606 by Dutch explorers, and it’s eastern half has been claimed by Great Britain in 1770 who soon started settling there through penal transportation in 26 January 1788.

Commonwealth of Australia has been formed on January 1st, 1901 when six colonies federated. Since that time it is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Currently Australia comprises six states and several territories, with a population of 22,9 million.

Austalia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world ranking in the 12th place as of 2012. But what’s more impresive it ranks fifth in the per capita income, and second in the index of human development just after Norway.

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