Annular Solar Eclipse – USA 20/05/2012


Annular Solar Eclipse – USA 20/05/2012

In 2012 there are not going to be too many aclipses, and only one of them is a total eclipse. Yet both the may annular solar eclipse as wall november totality are taking place in very photogenic settings. May eclipse starts over souhtern China, travels along the coast of that country jumping then yo Japan where it’s centerline crosse Tokyo. Point of maximum lies somewhere near the datechange line in the norhtern Pacific Ocean. Moon shadow will touch down on the coast of California and move on into Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. With every state in the eastern direction sun will be lower over the horizon getting ready to set. But over Utah, Arizona and Nevada it will occur over some of the most incredible landscapes such as Grand Canyon, Bryce or Zion National Parks. We invite you to travel with us to see the sun take on a ring form over Bryce.

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