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General Information is not offering tourist services since 2017 as defined by law. I want to make it crystal clear – I do not run a tourist bureau, and the site is not an offer to sell any tourist services. It is an invitation to participate together with me on a joint adventure. The site presents the effects of previous joint photographic expeditions, during which photography enthusiasts joined me while traveling in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and many other places. We reserve accommodation, air flights and cars together for each trip. Therefore, before each trip, the entire “logistics” of the trip is completely take care of., while my experience allows us to reach more places (including places that hardly anyone reaches), capture more and experience the adventure in a safer way.

So much for the introduction. Why would you want to come alongwith me? First of all – I have been traveling for years, organizing expeditions (some commercial – with Arsoba Travel, most private, and non-commercial). I have already visited China, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, France (Provence, Occitan), Spain (and Catalan), Portugal, Italy (and Sicily), Netherlands, Great Britain ( Scotland), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and the USA – where I spent about 6 years. Secondly – I studied in USA for five years, intensively exploring its extraordinary natural wealth. And thirdly, studying architecture at the Faculty of Design and Art LSU, I simultaneously studied photography, still analogue, learning the methodology of Zone 7 (HDR ofanalogue film) developed by Ansel Adams.

My photos were displayed at international exhibitions:

  • BBA Gallery – Berlin, Germany, Mostly White 
  • Annual Photography Conference – Tel-Aviv, Israel, Our Amazing Planet
  • Qlick gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Memorable Portraits
  • BLANK WALL gallery – Athens, Greece, At the Beach
  • Helexpo Thessaloniki art fair – Thessaloniki, Greece, Artistic photography
  • Valid World Hall – Barcelona, ​​Spain, Dramatic Lighting
  • Laurent Gallery – Melbourne Australia, Dramatic Black & White
  • Hinterland Gallery – Vienna, Austria, Borders,
  • BBA Gallery – Berlin, Germany, Mostly White
  • MIA Photo Fair, Piazza Lina Bo Bard, Milan, Italy, Minimalism
  • Qlick gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Beautiful Imprefections
  • BBA Gallery – Berlin, Germany, Powerful Composition
  • Ranikar gallery – Ljubljana, Slovenia, Solo – Single Subject
  • BBA Gallery – Berlin, Germany, My Favorite Shot
  • Palazzo Ca ’Zanardi @Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, Your Favorite Shot
  • Palazzo Ca’Zanardi @Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, Memorable Portraits
  • Blank Wall Galley – Athens, Greece, Your Exhibition Shot
  • Xpozer Gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Powerful Composition
  • Valid World Hall Gallery – Barcelona, ​​Spain, Art of Photography
  • NEW MOMENT Gallery – Belgrade, Serbia, Your Exhibition Shot
  • Cabellero Fabriek – The Hague, Netherlands, My Favorite Shot
  • Valid World Hall Gallery – Barcelona, ​​Spain, Art of Black and White

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