Annular Solar Eclipse – India and Tibet 2020

On June 21, 2020, an annular eclipse will rise again over Oman, but its maximum will happen on the border between India, Tibet and Nepal – which raises dilemmas, because each of these places is worth seeing. Initially, we consider two or three variants. India (with the observation of the eclipse at the point of maximum eclipse in the Nanda Dewi Biosphere Reserve, where the annular phase will last … 38 seconds but will be high in the sky 82.9º at 12:40 local time) with Nepal.





As an alternative to India and Nepal expedition we are considering China and Tibet trip where around Xainza the maximum annular phase will last 36 seconds or Oman near Muskat, where annular phase will not be as deep but will last longer at 50 seconds.

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More information untill then can be found:

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